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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
10:31 am
Retuuuuurned to the LJ world
Sorry!!! It's been awhile since I typed ANYTHING, but I like to record good things and the past month and a half hasn't been great. Before that, I was just being lazy. ^_^

My week thus far has been sunshines and lollipops!!!!

Saturday: Alicia, Me, Chris, Will met up at PF Chang's, ate a little, swam, ate ("polish sausages" ^_^), home. Farewell hug late.
Sunday: Church
Monday...Chris came over and we went to Midday Mass (yes, I'm nearly Catholic now ^_^)where we stood in skylight sun-beams and absorbed the holiness. Fave quote: *points* I want one!!!!
We drove to KFC where they DO take credit cards, got some chicken, and drove to the square.
FOOOOD!!!! Sweet, Oily, bad calorie-saturated CHICKEN. ^_^ Yummy! We sat on the grass under a shady tree, watched squirrels, and Chris fell asleep on my tummy while I hummed every anime song I knew. hehee! *twitch, twitch*
We went back to his house, helped his mom weed the garden (which I kinda sorta dug <--every possible pun intended)and swam. "bubbles!!!"
Icecream (penut butter cookie dough) and we finally finished Moulin Rouge. Kung fu (so...many...kicks!!!), and home!!!!

Tuesday was just Kung fu, sleeping in the office! *guilty smile* Open workout!!!

Current Mood: complacent
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
11:16 pm
Riiiicolaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Eheheheee!!!!
I feel better!!! My boyfriend brought over broth, and rice, and a giant slab of chocolate cake, and cough drops...*sigh*

(three days later)

Arg!!! Everyone's been sick!!!!! The boyfriend had a serious fever (no, not the love thing, the sweating buckets thing) and I've been enjoying my spring vacation mostly at home. If I harbored even the tiniest desire to be homeschooled to have more time, I regret it and don't have any anymore. I was SO BORED!!!!!!!! Argh!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself (certainly not schoolwork ^_~). I'd go insane. Truly. I'd kill myself before a month went by. *shudders* Me, bored. It ain't a pretty sight. My brain is mush right now. *eyes are half-lidded* Math is killing me slowly.
I feel bad. I've given a great friend advice I'm not sure I had the right to give. The situation is that he's been deeply in love with one of my best friends. The thing is, she doesn't seem to be interested. When he asks her to go out with him, her response is, "I don't know," perhaps the most frustrating and annoying answer anyone could get. She doesn't know her mind, and it bothers me that instead of giving him a 'yes' or 'no', she just says 'I don't know'. I convinced him to tell her he loved her. She said she'd been hurt before, and didn't want to risk it again. And there is something in that, her last boyfriend ended up stalking her and manipulating her. He was a real loser, who took up all her time and threated her mother. But that was two d*** years ago!!!! *fumes* But I can't help but think she just isn't interested in him. She referred to him as 'the weird one' awhile back, and...I dunno. *sigh* I don't need to be taking on other people's problems, I have some of my own to sort out first. *wince*

Let's see, what did I do today?
I lived, loved, got chaperoned, met Todd, walked through Victoria's Secrets ^_~, moved furniture. Boring? Not really. I got to spend it with my boyfriend, and that was pretty cool. I'm just hoping for some alone time this weekend or something. Anything to make my 'spring break' better. *sigh* I wish I wasn't sick though almost the entire week. *sobs*
Ah well...guess I'll go now.

Monday, March 14th, 2005
1:21 am
I dun feel so good...have you ever been sick, felt absolutely horrid, and later forget how bad it felt and start wishing it to get out of school? I did! And HERE is where I'm gonna record my feelings on this particular sickness to NEVER want to be sick again. *clears coughed raw throat* It sucks. SO BAD. I'm tired, but I can't sleep. My sinuses are all dry it hurts to breath, but somehow I've got a cold. My throat is sore, it hurts to swallow, and hot water is my very best friend right now. I've spent the entire day on the phone, napping, or on the computer. I feel like such a lazy slob! I feel, wonderful...freedom!!!!! From the bondage of my....homework. *winks* The only down side is I'm sick! And I feel bad. I expect to be coughing up my kidney pretty soon here...*hacking coughs* Yeah. Talking won't much help it either, so I opted not to call my boyfriend at 1 AM, it's late, and he has work tomorrow, and even though he probably wouldn't mind hearing from me, I would rather NOT start hacking up my insides over the phone, and have him run around tomorrow with less sleep. People are sick, and he needs all the rest he can get to dodge the dangers of viral infection. *nods wisely* I'm out, outta things to say, I want more hot water, and a bag of lemon Ricola cough drops! *blows nose* Lookit, I'm a trumpet! *giggles madly* Eheh...I need some rest, and maybe less pills...^_~
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
7:58 am
Why the crap am I up so early?????
Wheee!!!! This is so much easier than writing everything down in pen! It's less private, but as long as no-one I know knows I'm here, I won't have to worry. ^_^

I first wanna document that I went out on a great date last night. My boyfriend is an awesome guy. We stopped at our kung-fu school, attended a meeting, and went back to his house. It's being remodeled. Everyone looked stressed/tired, but the house looked great. I'm not supposed to be 'unchaperoned' w/ Chris, but that's ok. We'll never get caught! *nods knowingly* *hears sirens* *packs up and runs for Mexico* So much for that idea...We went to the park!! First Raspberry chocolate truffle and chocolate pecan ice-cream, then sat beside a lake and reminisced. It was cold, but we kept each other warm. *grins and hugs self*

"I know I don't have the proper items with me, but will you marry me?"
"Do you wanna kiss me?"
"I can be forceful over there in the dugout, or over there *points*, on the pitcher's mound"
"Tell me." "No" "Tell me." "No." "Tell me, tell me...."
"Wait for me?"
Stars, vastness, airplane at six or seven, thinner atmospheric pressure, less oxygen molecules
"I love views"
"Finding jobs near each other"
"Paying bills together"
"Growing old together"
"Dying together"
"Gay strippers, mud-hut in Zimbabwe"
"Who was the Celebrity?"
"Justin Timberlake"
"The ocean, you and me."
"rhythm, undertow, spray, story"
"I've, become so numb, I can't feel my toes!"
"Were you thinking of sex on the beach?"
"You're giving me more than shivers." Bones!
"I retract my yes and replace it with a maybe."
"And my head falls off."
"Glup, glup, glup"
"I don't want secrets between us."
"This wouldn't have been allowed."
"It was more like an association, rather than a relationship?"
"My password is the sound sifu made concerning bleach, and my normal everyday one."
"Or here, on the hood of my car"

On a whole, it was awesome. It was the first time in a long time I've been so...at peace. A great date, we haven't had one like that in awile, just hanging out, being together and talking. I like making Chris laugh. Two parks. I was sleepy, and my throat was getting weird. He walked me to the door straight out of the car, hugged for a minute, then goodnight. I called him, was supposed to call back after five minutes, but fell asleep. I felt sick this morning, but better now.

Yesterday morning my brother wrote my mom a birthday poem! He sounded like a "30 year chain smoker." Everyone is sick. We ended up not celebrating b-day 'til next week. The day before that, Chris took me out to dinner, pink jacket! "princess" *grimace* then to Borders. Kill me kiss me! Car, dad, trouble... *wince*
And so concludes my first journal entry!

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