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Retuuuuurned to the LJ world

Sorry!!! It's been awhile since I typed ANYTHING, but I like to record good things and the past month and a half hasn't been great. Before that, I was just being lazy. ^_^

My week thus far has been sunshines and lollipops!!!!

Saturday: Alicia, Me, Chris, Will met up at PF Chang's, ate a little, swam, ate ("polish sausages" ^_^), home. Farewell hug late.
Sunday: Church
Monday...Chris came over and we went to Midday Mass (yes, I'm nearly Catholic now ^_^)where we stood in skylight sun-beams and absorbed the holiness. Fave quote: *points* I want one!!!!
We drove to KFC where they DO take credit cards, got some chicken, and drove to the square.
FOOOOD!!!! Sweet, Oily, bad calorie-saturated CHICKEN. ^_^ Yummy! We sat on the grass under a shady tree, watched squirrels, and Chris fell asleep on my tummy while I hummed every anime song I knew. hehee! *twitch, twitch*
We went back to his house, helped his mom weed the garden (which I kinda sorta dug <--every possible pun intended)and swam. "bubbles!!!"
Icecream (penut butter cookie dough) and we finally finished Moulin Rouge. Kung fu (so...many...kicks!!!), and home!!!!

Tuesday was just Kung fu, sleeping in the office! *guilty smile* Open workout!!!
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