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Why the crap am I up so early?????

Wheee!!!! This is so much easier than writing everything down in pen! It's less private, but as long as no-one I know knows I'm here, I won't have to worry. ^_^

I first wanna document that I went out on a great date last night. My boyfriend is an awesome guy. We stopped at our kung-fu school, attended a meeting, and went back to his house. It's being remodeled. Everyone looked stressed/tired, but the house looked great. I'm not supposed to be 'unchaperoned' w/ Chris, but that's ok. We'll never get caught! *nods knowingly* *hears sirens* *packs up and runs for Mexico* So much for that idea...We went to the park!! First Raspberry chocolate truffle and chocolate pecan ice-cream, then sat beside a lake and reminisced. It was cold, but we kept each other warm. *grins and hugs self*

"I know I don't have the proper items with me, but will you marry me?"
"Do you wanna kiss me?"
"I can be forceful over there in the dugout, or over there *points*, on the pitcher's mound"
"Tell me." "No" "Tell me." "No." "Tell me, tell me...."
"Wait for me?"
Stars, vastness, airplane at six or seven, thinner atmospheric pressure, less oxygen molecules
"I love views"
"Finding jobs near each other"
"Paying bills together"
"Growing old together"
"Dying together"
"Gay strippers, mud-hut in Zimbabwe"
"Who was the Celebrity?"
"Justin Timberlake"
"The ocean, you and me."
"rhythm, undertow, spray, story"
"I've, become so numb, I can't feel my toes!"
"Were you thinking of sex on the beach?"
"You're giving me more than shivers." Bones!
"I retract my yes and replace it with a maybe."
"And my head falls off."
"Glup, glup, glup"
"I don't want secrets between us."
"This wouldn't have been allowed."
"It was more like an association, rather than a relationship?"
"My password is the sound sifu made concerning bleach, and my normal everyday one."
"Or here, on the hood of my car"

On a whole, it was awesome. It was the first time in a long time I've been peace. A great date, we haven't had one like that in awile, just hanging out, being together and talking. I like making Chris laugh. Two parks. I was sleepy, and my throat was getting weird. He walked me to the door straight out of the car, hugged for a minute, then goodnight. I called him, was supposed to call back after five minutes, but fell asleep. I felt sick this morning, but better now.

Yesterday morning my brother wrote my mom a birthday poem! He sounded like a "30 year chain smoker." Everyone is sick. We ended up not celebrating b-day 'til next week. The day before that, Chris took me out to dinner, pink jacket! "princess" *grimace* then to Borders. Kill me kiss me! Car, dad, trouble... *wince*
And so concludes my first journal entry!
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