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I dun feel so good...have you ever been sick, felt absolutely horrid, and later forget how bad it felt and start wishing it to get out of school? I did! And HERE is where I'm gonna record my feelings on this particular sickness to NEVER want to be sick again. *clears coughed raw throat* It sucks. SO BAD. I'm tired, but I can't sleep. My sinuses are all dry it hurts to breath, but somehow I've got a cold. My throat is sore, it hurts to swallow, and hot water is my very best friend right now. I've spent the entire day on the phone, napping, or on the computer. I feel like such a lazy slob! I feel, wonderful...freedom!!!!! From the bondage of my....homework. *winks* The only down side is I'm sick! And I feel bad. I expect to be coughing up my kidney pretty soon here...*hacking coughs* Yeah. Talking won't much help it either, so I opted not to call my boyfriend at 1 AM, it's late, and he has work tomorrow, and even though he probably wouldn't mind hearing from me, I would rather NOT start hacking up my insides over the phone, and have him run around tomorrow with less sleep. People are sick, and he needs all the rest he can get to dodge the dangers of viral infection. *nods wisely* I'm out, outta things to say, I want more hot water, and a bag of lemon Ricola cough drops! *blows nose* Lookit, I'm a trumpet! *giggles madly* Eheh...I need some rest, and maybe less pills...^_~
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Hey there trumpet ^_~ How bout them cough drops eh? How bout 2 bags, or 3 or 4? But yeah, please don't hack up your kidney...that wouldn't be too good. BUT! Be free from you bondage!! ^_~
Hey yourself! One bag will do, or just a visit to a sick a saint, help the less fortunate. *wave "less fortunate" flag in Chris's face* ^_^ If you want, I can donate my kidney to your dad.
I like my bondage! (except in the shower ^_~)
Seeya sweets!
Hey Sisa!

This is Deanna! I hope you feel better soon! hang in there chica, soon you shall breathe again!

and don't hack up your me, it's not pretty O_o...

be at peace!
Thanks Deanna, I'm feeling alot better now actually. ^_^
How do YOU know hacking up your insides isn't pretty? *shakes head* Never mind, I don't wanna know. ^_~