icewings0_o (icewings0_o) wrote,

Riiiicolaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Eheheheee!!!!

I feel better!!! My boyfriend brought over broth, and rice, and a giant slab of chocolate cake, and cough drops...*sigh*

(three days later)

Arg!!! Everyone's been sick!!!!! The boyfriend had a serious fever (no, not the love thing, the sweating buckets thing) and I've been enjoying my spring vacation mostly at home. If I harbored even the tiniest desire to be homeschooled to have more time, I regret it and don't have any anymore. I was SO BORED!!!!!!!! Argh!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself (certainly not schoolwork ^_~). I'd go insane. Truly. I'd kill myself before a month went by. *shudders* Me, bored. It ain't a pretty sight. My brain is mush right now. *eyes are half-lidded* Math is killing me slowly.
I feel bad. I've given a great friend advice I'm not sure I had the right to give. The situation is that he's been deeply in love with one of my best friends. The thing is, she doesn't seem to be interested. When he asks her to go out with him, her response is, "I don't know," perhaps the most frustrating and annoying answer anyone could get. She doesn't know her mind, and it bothers me that instead of giving him a 'yes' or 'no', she just says 'I don't know'. I convinced him to tell her he loved her. She said she'd been hurt before, and didn't want to risk it again. And there is something in that, her last boyfriend ended up stalking her and manipulating her. He was a real loser, who took up all her time and threated her mother. But that was two d*** years ago!!!! *fumes* But I can't help but think she just isn't interested in him. She referred to him as 'the weird one' awhile back, and...I dunno. *sigh* I don't need to be taking on other people's problems, I have some of my own to sort out first. *wince*

Let's see, what did I do today?
I lived, loved, got chaperoned, met Todd, walked through Victoria's Secrets ^_~, moved furniture. Boring? Not really. I got to spend it with my boyfriend, and that was pretty cool. I'm just hoping for some alone time this weekend or something. Anything to make my 'spring break' better. *sigh* I wish I wasn't sick though almost the entire week. *sobs*
Ah well...guess I'll go now.

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